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  Project Name Description Location Stone Used Year Categories
HK20-Overformnderit-Copenhagen-Denmark-Greenland Marble-after renovation-02

The Ministry building adjacent to the Parliament was historically significant and needed to undergo restoration as the substrate was failing and the exterior façade was being held in place with surface fasteners. The goal was to maintain the Greenland marble on the exterior but replacing it with newly mined material was not an option as the quarry was closed in the 1920s.

The existing Greenland marble was removed from the exterior and shipped to Texas where it was fabricated into StoneLite® panels. Lightweight stone plugs were manufactured to insert into the holes created by the surface fasteners. Some corner panels required a fixed curved and were fabricated to a radius of 11’-1” and 7’-9”.

23-24 NEWMAN ST.

A multi-story exterior, column band, balcony fascias, and soffits project clad in 313 m2 of StoneLite® St. Hubert SLG and Texas Cordova Shellstone Limestone. The project scope was a retrofit and conversion of a 1970’s unsightly office building  into 23 residential apartments with office accommodations on the ground floor.

The StoneLite® panels lightweight properties are a natural solution to architectural features where weight may be an issue.

The project won Best Housing (Large) in the AJ Retrofit Awards 2012 and a Blue Ribbon Award for Best Apartment.

TEMPLE UNIVERSITY – Science, Education & Research Center (SERC)

Temple University selected StoneLite® Cenia limestone panels to grace the exterior of their new seven story SERC building.  More than 46,000 sq. ft. of StoneLite® panels were installed in an open joint, exterior rain screen application.  In addition to the exterior flat panels SPI also manufactured the highly complicated and detailed stair components including the cap.

The architectural team was able to visit our manufacturing facility in Coppell, TX to view the panels and determine the placement of panels through an onsite lay down.


StoneLite® panels are used in unique applications. Starbucks used StoneLite® Absolute Black granite panels fabricated into sandblasted medallions.


StoneLite® Roman Classic travertine panels were installed over wood frame back on the exterior of this four story condominium complex.  The StoneLite® exterior panels were also utilized on the cantilevered balconies.

This project was near the epicenter of the January 1994 earthquake that destroyed many nearby buildings.  There was ZERO damage to the StoneLite® panels.

More information on seismic racking shear testing of our panels is available under the testing section of our website.