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Stone Veneer Applications

StoneLite® panels are versatile and are suitable for a variety of applications. StoneLite® is applicable where solid dimensional stone is specified or as an alternative when dimensional stone is too heavy to be economical. To determine if StoneLite® panels are right for your specific application, please contact our Technical Services Staff at (800) 328-6275 or (469) 635-5000. Below are some common uses for StoneLite® panels:

StoneLite® panels have over four decades of proven performance on the exterior of buildings throughout the world. After years of exposure to many different environments and being subjected to extreme heat, bitter cold, earthquakes and hurricanes, the panels retain their natural beauty, remain durable, and continue to perform.
Project: Ten Thousand North Central Expressway Architect: HKS, Inc. Location: Dallas TX.
StoneLite® panels are an ideal solution for both exterior and interior renovation. Lightweight StoneLite® panels are often the most economical choice, since they can normally be installed directly over the existing cladding without the need for expensive demolition or reinforcing the building structure.
Project: Portage County Prosecuting Attorney's Office Architect: Hasentab Architects Inc. Location: Ravenna, OH
StoneLite® panels are a natural fit to retail construction. They meet the demand of quick installation and the natural stone veneer exemplifies the high quality image that retailers require.
Project: Burberry Architect: Gensler New York Location: New York, NY
StoneLite® interior stone panels showcase the natural beauty of stone but eliminate its fragile, brittle, and variable properties. StoneLite® interior stone panels are ideal for overhead applications. Weighing only 3.3 lbs. per sq. ft. StoneLite® panels are easily supported by common ceiling framing and can be quickly installed with no special lifting equipment required. StoneLite® panels also provide a quick return on investment for the building owner as the natural stone finish upgrades their image, increasing occupancy, and tenant satisfaction.
Project: Robert T Matsui Federal Courthouse Location: Sacramento, CA
StoneLite® panels are at the top of their field in university, college, and other educational institutional applications. They have achieved this distinction through their manufacturing process, durability, performance, and extensive testing. Below are some examples of how [StoneLite] panels can be utilized in traditional and non traditional applications.
Project: Cleveland State University Student Center Architect: Braun & Steidl Architects, Inc. Location: Cleveland, OH
Islington Wharf, Manchester, UK
Urban Concepts
StoneLite® natural stone panels are a great exterior cladding option for high end multi-family residences. StoneLite® are not only an attractive and affordable alternative to dimensional stone but they allow the architect's vision to be realized without the cumbersome difficulties associated with other cladding options.
Project: Islington Wharf Architect: Broadway Malyan Location: Manchester, England