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Advantages That StoneLite® Can Give You

Using StoneLite® has many advantages that will make your building and your wallet happy. With nearly unlimited choices of marble, granite and limestone, you are sure to find something that will fit your particular needs. The best part about using lightweight stone cladding is that you can customize it to fit your budget, plus it is very durable so it will last you a long time.

StoneLite® stone panels are strong, flexible and weatherproof. And because the stone is a decorative veneer, it is very cost efficient and the color can be matched with less flaws than natural stone.

StoneLite® are much stronger than natural stone because StoneLite® have a fiber-glass reinforced honeycomb backing. This backing, which is the same material used to make airplane wings, improves flexural and impact strength making StoneLite® stone panels stronger than natural stone.

Because StoneLite® are so flexible, they are ideal for buildings in high-wind areas or areas with seismic activity. Stone is extremely brittle and cannot withstand structural movement. This is why it often cracks. The flexibility that StoneLite® has will not only reinforce your building, but will also keep it intact during extreme weather situations.

Mother nature can be quite rough sometimes, and that is why you need to know that your building can withstand the elements. StoneLite® exterior wall panels have a totally impervious moisture barrier between the stone \”veneer\” and the fiber-glass reinforced honeycomb backing. This prevents moisture from getting under the panels, which can cause mold or weakening of the structure.

Color Control
It is a well-known fact that all stones vary in color, but because StoneLite® require only 1/3 the amount of stone than used by a 3cm stone, the color of the stone is more consistent. It is also very easy to layout the StoneLite®  before fabrication and installation. This allows us to blend the colors to achieve a custom color you like.

Cost Efficient
StoneLite® are typically less expensive than well engineered 3cm to 5 cm natural stone, but that isn\’t the only reason you will save money. The lightweight stone panels are 80% lighter than natural stone, so you do not have to spend extra money on heavy weight installation equipment. Plus, with the long life cycle of StoneLite®, your investment will be solid for years to come.

Keep checking back for more StoneLite® panel advantages! We\’ll be going further in depth and looking at specific project examples where the advantages of our lightweight stone panels really came into play. Thanks for reading!