August and September Wildfires Raise Questions for Texas Buildings

We pity the Texas wildfire that comes into contact with one of the Texas buildings that features StoneLite® stone panels. A summer Texas drought has created an especially problematic wildfire season for the central part of the state. But regardless of where or when a wildfire runs into StonePanels, it will have literally nothing on which to feed.

As we discussed previously in our blog post about the testing that our quality stone veneer has been through, the fuel contributed score for our stone products is zero. This means that wildfires like the ones Texas experienced at the end of summer in 2011 won’t ever spread with assistance from StoneLite®.

Our stone products can be found on plenty of buildings near the areas where wildfires have been a problem in Central and East Texas this year. An administration building on the Texas A&M campus in Prairie View, Texas is just an hour and a half away from a wildfire in Bastrop, Texas. We’re proud that this building and its operators have an added level of security because the building features our stone products.

The admin building in Prairie View is light years away from the Bastrop Fire though, compared to The Citadel office building in Austin, Texas. Bastrop is a mere 40 minutes outside of the Texas Capital, where The Citadel sports our Black Impala Granite stone panels. Even in a big city like Austin, you can never feel too secure once you see smoke on the horizon and know that a menacing wildfire is only 30 miles away. We’re proud to say that our stone products has contributed to that sense of security for buildings in Central and East Texas during the recent wildfire season.

Have you ever experienced or been a part of an especially worrisome wildfire season where you work or live? What was it like and did you begin to wonder about the building you spend your time in? Share your stories with us in our comments section!