Elevation Layouts and Installation Training with Pre-Panelized Stone Systems

Many architects and builders can trace their love and passion for the industry a lot further back than the rest of us might realize. Many architects and designers didn\’t get their start with their first real-world project or their first architecture or design class. They may have been an architect before they were even potty trained. Having the instincts and inclinations to be an architect or designer starts with things like Legos and Tinkertoys.

If you\’ll remember back to your childhood and these building block toys, you\’ll remember that they often came with an instruction manual. Well, with pre-panelized stone systems we go above and beyond the instruction manual when you\’re putting together our building blocks. Our instructions for installation are just a starting point. Project managers can take advantage of other help we offer for the installation of our lightweight engineered stone systems.

Our Most Commonly Used Attachment Systems
Our most commonly used attachment systems include:

  • Interlocking Channel Systems
  • Anchor Plates
  • Adhesive Attachment
  • Zee Sections

Going Beyond the Instruction Manual
Each of these attachment systems has their own available set of installation instructions. But beyond that, Stone Panels Inc. offers even more resources for builders.

  • We have a technical services staff available by phone to answer any questions you might have about our lightweight engineered stone systems or their installation.
  • We offer onsite installation training at our production facility in Coppell, Texas. Your crew can be trained to install our lightweight stone cladding in-person by our experts.
  • Staging and Elevation Layouts can also be done at our production facility, so that developers can both save time and envision their project prior to having our lightweight stone cladding brought out to the actual build site.

Although architects and designers aren\’t playing with building block toys anymore, they\’re still as creative as ever. Our pre-panelized stone systems are a piece to their puzzle that allow their imaginations to run wild and allow builders to accomplish designs that otherwise couldn\’t be realized with materials like dimensional stone. And, we provide the resources beyond the instruction manual to ensure their vision can come together.