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Quick Granite Guide For Your Next Project

Granite is an igneous rock (formed by heat) found deep within the earth’s crust. It is a coarse grained rock with a typically uniformly dispersed crystalline structure composed of varying amounts of feldspars, quartz, micas and other minerals. It is hard, durable and resistant to fracture because of the interlocking structure of the minerals within. Granite colors are varied with pink, red, black and gray being the most common. However, variations of yellow, gold, green, brown, white and other colors are also available.

Granite is nearly impervious to scratches, heat, etching or weathering. It endures the most rigorous environments. For generations, architects, developers and engineers have preferred the long-lasting durability and natural beauty of granite. It withstands severe weather conditions, significant freeze-thaw cycles, and abusive traffic.

While the initial price may be higher than other competitive materials, maintenance costs are often lower. Life-cycle studies have demonstrated that granite lasts longer and returns greater value over the life of an installation. Granite is a frequent choice of designers that build lasting quality into their projects.

The decorative appeal of granite lends authenticity and timelessness to any structure. Its natural texture complements practically any setting. It is truly one of Mother Nature’s most versatile and beautiful creations.

StoneLite® panels from Stone Panels, Inc. can be produced from almost any stone as long as slabs are available in large enough sizes. Take a look at some of the projects we’ve done with granite and contact our staff to learn more about granite StoneLite® panels.