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How Indiana Limestone Lightweight Panels Were Used on Barclay Tower

\"10-Barclay-Tower-NY-NY-Indiana-limestone-03\"When you look up at some buildings, you just see a building. But with a few very special buildings in the world, you can look up and see things like resiliency, stability, accomplishment and revitalization. We\’re humbled and honored when these kinds of projects come along for our company because it means that our quality stone veneer can be a part of something great.

Such was the case in 2008 with the Barclay Tower construction. Lightweight stone became a part of the rebuilding of the financial district in downtown New York City after the Sept. 11 attacks from earlier in the decade. Our Indiana Limestone lightweight panels were chosen for use on the residential skyscraper not only because the quality stone veneer had the functionality needed to complete the build, but also because the quality of the material could hold its own against the top-of-the-line fixtures and decorative entrances. After construction, lightweight stone was an integral part of not only the building\’s strength, but also its beauty.

Sky-Scraping Construction, Lightweight Stone
One can just imagine that as a building\’s height grows, the means needed in order to complete construction at the highest of stories becomes more of a concern. The developers on the Barclay Tower project saw this and knew that, for the purposes of their construction, lightweight stone was a must. The residential building stands an impressive 57 stories high, making the cost of installation (hoisting equipment and masonry labor) for dimensional stone an impracticality.

Our Indiana Limestone lightweight panels, however, made building higher easier. The quality stone veneer made installation quicker too. In fact, as one of the most amusing anecdotes from the Barclay Tower project, there were a few occasions where installation had to be held up because installers had caught up to concrete structure crews above them.