Indiana Limestone Lightweight Panels Used On National Constitution Center


When Stone Panels, Inc, was chosen to be a part of the construction of the National Constitution Center (NCC) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, our stone panel attachment systems was privileged to become a part of a building that is important to the life of our entire country. Our Indiana Limestone lightweight panels, along with our Chelmsford granite stone panels, were chosen by architects working on this project for one of the most common reasons we hear at Stone Panels, Inc. – an alternative to solid stone needed to be found in order to cut costs.

How NCC Designers Came to Choose StoneLite®
Stone Panels, Inc. was happy to showcase existing installations for the design team that was working on the National Constitution Center. By visiting a number applications of our stone panel attachment systems, NCC architects familiarized themselves with the StoneLite®. Once those working on the NCC project were able to see the product used elsewhere, they fully embraced Indiana Limestone lightweight panels for their own purposes.

It\’s not uncommon for builders to come to the conclusion that stone panels are right for a project in the same way that those working on the NCC did. An alternative product to dimensional/traditional stone is needed (whether because of cost or installation ability), options are explored by looking at other projects, and [StonePanels] is settled upon as a solution.

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