StonePanels International LLC

International Reach and Use for StoneLite®

In the past few years we have witnessed devastating natural disasters that have destroyed cities and left rubble in their wake. Although we cannot stop these natural occurrences from happening, we can take the necessary precautions to be prepared for them. StoneLite® can be used almost anywhere in the world because the solid building material can withstand extreme circumstances. StoneLite® panels have been rigorously tested to withstand hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, earthquakes and extreme weather much better than, and as an alternate to, dimensional stone.

Use for StoneLite® in Coastal Regions
Following Hurricane Andrew, the South Florida building code was modified to add another test due to the massive devastation created by flying debris. In the test, the cladding material is subjected to a 90 psf cyclic positive-negative wind loading 1,342 times, then taken to a maximum of 135 psf.   A two-by-four  timber stud is fired several times at the panel at 50 feet per second. This simulates a house stud being thrown in a 100 miles per hour wind following wind cycles of 190 miles per hour with gusts up to 230 miles per hour.

Stone Panels’ system easily passed the hurricane wind and large missile impact requirements of Miami-Dade Florida building authority.  We were the the first lightweight reinforced stone supplier having South Florida building authority acceptance.

SPI’s system also passes air and water infiltration tests.  StoneLite® has a totally impervious moisture barrier between the stone veneer and the aluminum honeycomb substrate.  Independent testing coupled with on-the-wall performance has proven this many times.

It is important for areas prone to hurricanes to determine if a building material can withstand strong winds and water damage that a hurricane can often inflict. StoneLite® passed these tests and are proven to hold up better in a hurricane than dimensional stone.

Use for StoneLite® in “Tornado Alley\”
Tornadoes are also a serious problem in different areas of the world, specifically “Tornado Alley\” in the Midwestern United States. When a tornado comes through an area populated with buildings, the strong winds often blow heavy objects into the building which can cause serious damage. As we mentioned above, StoneLite® are proven to withstand extreme winds and they make for a great alternate to dimensional stone in areas that are know to have tornadoes.

Use for StoneLite® in Areas Prone to Fire
Fire is a natural and man-made disaster that can occur at any time. StoneLite® panels have passed the full-scale, multi-story fire evaluation in addition to other fire exposure tests, flame spread testing and toxicity testing for assurance that the product will perform and will meet life-safety requirements.

StoneLite® will not support combustion.  They have been subjected to and passed the Standard Method of Test for Surface Burning Characteristics in accordance with ASTM E 84 and have passed the NFPA 285.

Use for StoneLite® is Seismic Zones
When the ground starts to shake, the last thing you want to worry about is the strength of your building material. StoneLite® not only absorb the shock of an earthquake, but they are also flexible and help reinforce the infrastructure of a building.

Our StoneLite® product offers superior protection against failure due to seismic movement as compared to much heavier and more brittle dimensional stone.  Racking shear tests, simulating seismic loading, were conducted on and passed by our exterior stone cladding in accordance with ASTM E-695.

Buildings built in areas with seismic activity are always looking for top notch building materials because an earthquake can strike at any time and with little warning. StoneLite® have been used successfully in many areas with high seismic activity such as Alaska, Japan, China and California.

Use for StoneLite® in Extreme Cold or Heat
Natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, fire, and earthquakes are not the only things that can ruin the material with which a building was built, extreme cold or heat can do just as much damage. Areas with extreme cold or extreme heat have a hard time using dimensional stone because it cracks so easily. That is why StoneLite® is a great alternate to dimensional stone – because it can withstand weather while giving you the natural stone look you desire.

You never know when a natural disaster will strike, but you can know that the exterior stone cladding from StoneLite® can withstand whatever mother nature throws your way. From Florida to Korea, our exterior stone cladding has been withstanding the elements for the last 40 years. And with StoneLite® panels having been installed on almost every continent, there\’s no place our product or our company can\’t go.