StonePanels International LLC

Minimize Your Project’s Carbon Footprint with StoneLite®

SPI was employing techniques and procedures to extend our natural stone resources long before global warming and the impact of the carbon footprint became top of mind discussion points.

StoneLite® natural stone panels were developed more than 45 years ago utilizing a manufacturing process that produces a panel with a thin veneer of stone that can use up to 85% less finite raw material.

On one project, Stone Panels  was able to cut 30 corner pieces using their manufacturing process in direct comparison to only six (6) corner pieces cut from traditional stone. The ability to save on both natural and financial resources was instrumental in awarding SPI the project.

StoneLite® creates advantageous solutions for clients incorporating natural stone into their project while conserving natural resources. Designers have the benefit of knowing that natural stone reserves are being conserved without compromising the aesthetic quality of their building designs.

StoneLite® represent the most sustainable natural stone cladding option available in the construction industry today.