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New Terminal at McCarran Airport Open for Passengers

In 2007, McCarran Airport in Las Vegas, Nevada began construction on an impressive terminal expansion. The project, overseen by Houston-based architecture firm PGAL, cost $2.4 million and created 14 new gates and 16 new baggage claim carousels. Clark County Commissioner Larry Brown says that the addition of Terminal 3 to the McCarran airport makes Las Vegas “better than ever.”

The 1.9 million square foot structure is equipped with state of the art equipment and miles of baggage belts. When it came time to find a stone provider to complete construction on the building, McCarran Airport chose Stone Panels, Inc. to finish the job. Over 110,000 sq ft of Gascogne Beige Limestone StoneLite® Panels were used for interior and exterior cladding to complete the natural, contemporary look and feel of the new addition. The use of StoneLite® Panels provided the following benefits:

  • StoneLite® Panels are extremely durable and can withstand the harsh conditions of the Mojave Desert.
  • StoneLite® Panels require almost no maintenance, saving the airport from paying extra costs and fees.
  • StoneLite® Panels are lightweight, easy to install and require fewer workers, saving the construction company time and money.
  • StoneLite® Panels are versatile and can be applied to a variety of façades and surfaces, including curved or flat surfaces.

Stone Panels, Inc. is happy to be a part of this new chapter for McCarran Airport in Las Vegas. Our stylish, strong StoneLite® Panels will provide a good foundation upon which the airport can serve its guests and passengers. To find out more about our building products, global projects and capabilities, please visit our website at