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    1000 Woodbridge Center

    About the project

    When First Savings Bank acquired the deteriorated building it had water entering the building through the existing EFIS cladding, the original finish was worn and weathered, and there were visible patches where attempts had been made to repair the exterior skin.

    The client’s primary objective was to convert this unoccupied multi-tenanted building from a non performing liability to a valuable asset at a fraction of the cost and time required for demolition and rebuilding.  Heavy solid stone was not an option as it would have required extensive reinforcing of the existing structure.

    The client was able to modify the existing facade by specifying StoneLite® Blue Pearl granite panels. By selecting StoneLite®, the building’s exterior steel stud framing could remain in place.

    While the building has undergone tenant changes and is now home to Provident Bank the exterior remains as beautiful today as when it was installed in 1997.


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    517 Route One South
    IselinNJ 08830
    Phone: (732) 636-7755
    Project Details
    Street Address 1000 Woodbridge Center
    Year 1997
    Stone UsedBlue Pearl Granite
    LocationWoodbridge New Jersey
    CategoriesCommercial Exterior Financial Multi-Story Reclad Renovation