487 KEAP ST.

Project Details

Street Address:
487 Keap St.

About the project

The original brick factory building was on the verge of being demolished when it was not only rescued but renovated. The developer and architect created a modern updated design and converted this manufacturing facility into a multi-unit residential living space.

The renovation included adding a story. StoneLite® is an ideal solution where weight is a consideration as the panels weight approximately 4 lbs. psf with the attachment system. The majority of the exterior is clad in StoneLite® Mocha Crème limestone. Verde Lavrus granite panels are installed at the water table. Granite is more durable at the lower level than a more porous limestone especially where salt or other de-icing materials may be used.

More than 6,200 SF of StoneLite® material is installed using our narrow interlocking channel system over the existing brick facade. In some cases, StoneLite® may be installed installed over the existing facade reducing demolition and haul off costs and associated labor.

Developer:  Chetrit