StonePanels International LLC


Project Details

Street Address:
76 Placer Lane

About the project

A new construction single family residence featuring StoneLite® vein cut Prado Travertine exterior natural stone panels. The natural stone facing is filled and honed and panels are manufactured with a horizontal grain direction. Panels requiring factory bonded finished return have contiguous grain direction.  The project utilized the wide interlocking channel attachment system.

Panel installation areas include the exterior facade, water feature area, site walls and stair walls.

Almost any natural stone may be manufactured into a StoneLite® panel. The elegance of the StoneLite® travertine panel partnered with other materials created a luxuriously modern facade.

This is the second project the property owner selected StoneLite® panels as a facade component based on the success of the first project at Wood Duck Lane.

Architect:  Poss Architecture+Planning