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    About the project

    When the Hyatt embarked on their renovation project they selected  StoneLite® Prairie Green granite in a high honed finish along with Impala Black granite in a flamed finish for portions of their exterior cladding.

    Over 9,650 sq. ft. of StoneLite® panels were installed. The maximum panel size was 4’x8′ equaling about 144 lbs. per panel and allowed the installer to set a 32 sq. ft. of stone panel in a matter of minutes using a boom basket.


    Contact Information

    10 North Park Place, Suite 400
    MorristownNJ 07960
    Phone: (973) 290-8500
    Project Details
    Street Address1325 Wilson Blvd.
    Year 2008
    Stone UsedImpala Black Granite Flamed Mocha Crème Limestone Prairie Green Granite
    LocationArlington Virginia
    CategoriesExterior Hospitality Hotel Multi-Story Renovation