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Project Details

Street Address:
7777 Henneman Way

About the project

SmithGroup Dallas designed the Independent Bank HQ incorporating our StoneLite® Australian Sandstone panels. The exterior façade, garage, and site wall panels were installed in a 3/8” open joint application.  The interior scope included the main lobby along with levels 1 and 2.  The project scope totaled over 35,300 sf of installed StoneLite® material.

The columns behind the reception desk are separated by Venetian Plaster and panels for this portion of the interior were selected by the architect for their horizontal graining. The grain direction installation on the exterior was not random.  The panels were segregated by panels with left or right grain direction and by wall.

SPI manufactured the panels with factory bonded returns at the outside corners including some sharp 90s.  Quirk mitered vertical corners were fabricated with non-90 degree angles on the room.  The exterior lower levels of the project feature quirk-mitered edges at the open joints.  It is commonly practiced at the lower levels to rebate the honeycomb 45 degrees to reduce the visibility of the honeycomb substrate.

Architect:  SmithGroup

Construction Firm:  Rogers-O’Brien Construction