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About the project

A 35 story business center that at the time of completion was the tallest building in Russia.  Over 11,000 sq. meters of StoneLite® Grigio Sardo, Sardo Bianco, and Crystal White granite was installed from a simple swing stage.

The panels were brought up through the interior of the project and handed out through the building’s exterior openings to the installation team on the swing stage.  This type of installation eliminated the cost of heavy lifting equipment.

StoneLite® underwent specific fire testing according to Russian standards and have been awarded the Russian Fire Certificate.


Contact Information

Boris Tkhor
Phone: (70) 95-978-0357
Project Details
Street AddressCity Center
Year 2000
Stone UsedCrystal White Granite Grigio Sardo Granite Sardo Bianco
LocationMoscow Russia
CategoriesCommercial Exterior International Multi-Story New Construction