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    About the project

    The two story operating hangar is an exterior retrofit featuring over 4,000 sq. ft. of StoneLite® Noce and Roman Classic travertine panels. This project embodies the essence of a modern but classic design using natural stone StoneLite® panels combined with other materials.

    One of the benefits of  StoneLite® is the ability to overclad existing material. The panels were installed over ribbed precast concrete.

    SPI performed the installation. Our installation team is a an additional resource in installation consulting and training for our customers.


    Contact Information

    1807 Ross Ave. Suite 500
    DallasTX 75201
    Phone: (214) 303-6200
    Project Details
    Street Address15508 Wright Bros. Drive
    Year 2010
    Stone UsedNoce Travertine Roman Classic Travertine
    LocationAddison Texas
    CategoriesCommercial Exterior Installations Multi-Story Reclad Renovation