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StoneLite® was installed on the exterior, tower, entrance vestibule, lintel, and interior foyer. The module called for 16″x 24″ panels but in an effort to reduce installation costs and maximum panel utilization SPI designed a 32″x 48″ panel with horizontal 3/8″ joints.  Conditions requiring panels with returns were manufactured at our facility and shipped as prefabricated assemblies.

Over 1,700 sq. ft. of StoneLite® Indiana Standard Buff Limestone panels were used to complete the renovation as part of the Cadillac Brand Image program. StoneLite® has been installed on over 160 Cadillac dealerships nationwide.


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Ground Floor Design Architects
14751 Ridgeboro Place
TustinCA 92781
Phone: (714) 832-7449
Project Details
Street Address1515 Auto Park Way N
Year 2012
Stone UsedIndiana Standard Buff Limestone
LocationEscondido California
CategoriesAutomotive Exterior Interior Renovation