Project Details

Street Address:
701 Ocean Ave

About the project

StoneLite® Roman Classic travertine panels were installed over wood frame back on the exterior of this four story condominium complex.  The StoneLite® exterior panels were also utilized on the cantilevered balconies.

This project was near the epicenter of the January 1994 earthquake that destroyed many nearby buildings.  There was ZERO damage to the StoneLite® panels.

More information on seismic racking shear testing and our NFPA 285 certification is available under testing section of our website.

Gallery photos were taken 20 years after installation.  StoneLite® panels excel in the Test of Time based on their beauty, durability and sustainability.

Contact Information

Spectre Construction Management
285 Jevlan Dr., 2nd Flr.
Vaughan, Ontario
Phone: (905) 856-6399