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Project Details

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Hwy. 16 West

About the project

Over 100,000 sq. ft. of StoneLite® Chantilly and Rocheret limestone panels were installed on the exterior of the 6 story and 12 story structures. Cornices and columns were pre-panelized. The cornices were 8′  long by 5′ wide with a side face plus end return. Each cornice piece weighed only a few hundred pounds.  The installation crew needed only a light weight, roof mounted winch to lift the StoneLite® cornices.  The exterior wall panels were hand set.

StoneLite® natural stone panels were also utilized in the interior lobby and exterior entrance walls and columns. The renovation of the main entrance features massive appearing column bases and capitals.

Contact Information

Johnny Wynne & Associates

850 E. River Place #301

Jackson, MS39202

Phone: (601) 969-7057