Project Details

Street Address:
2012 Sunrise Hwy

About the project

StoneLite® Blue Pearl and Serizzo Antigorio granite stone panels were selected for the new two story radiology facility. More than 6,700 SF of exterior and interior panels were produced and installed using our wide interlocking channel system.

Both of these stones were chosen by the client for their rich, aesthetic appeal. Blue Pearl Granite is quarried in Norway and has a unique and stunning iridescent crystal structure that tends to have a 3D appearance. Based on the unique occlusion properties the stone appears to have pops of pearls embedded in it. The Serizzo Antigorio Granite is quarried in Italy and its rich color combination of greys, black and white is stunning.

The use of both of these stones encompasses multiple components of the elements conducive to providing a healing environment.

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Architect: Smith Palmer & Famulari