Real-World Application of StoneLite® Product Testing

StoneLite® products go through extensive testing to provide builders with strong and durable building material. The exterior of a building is often subjected to the wrath of natural elements. Hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, acid rain and extreme cold or heat can wreak havoc on traditional dimensional stone. But StoneLite®  exterior stone cladding is designed to withstand the elements and the test of time.

Below are real-world examples of how builders have used our product to create a strong and durable buildings.

\"DSC02057\"Rabinowitz Courthouse – Fairbanks, AK
Rabinowitz Courthouse doesn\’t just have criminals and traffic violators to worry about, they also have the possibility of extreme cold and earthquakes destroying their building. Fairbanks, Alaska is located in a seismic area that is prone to experiencing earthquakes. Builders chose StoneLite® exterior stone cladding because it is flexible and does not crack when an earthquake hits. StoneLite® has undergone thorough testing to measure the resistance to vibration loading at various frequencies. After 50 hours of vibration loading at different frequencies in an attempt to separate the stone facing from the aluminum honeycomb, there were no changes to the StoneLite® and all criteria was met.

Another reason StoneLite® was chosen for this building in Alaska is because the weather in Alaska is extreme. In the winter it can get as cold as 50 degrees below Fahrenheit. In these extreme weather situations traditional dimensional stone will often crack. But, StoneLite® has been tested to withstand extreme cold and heat. One test performed on StoneLite® was a freezing and thawing test where StoneLite® were immersed in water that would be frozen and then thawed out. Our product held up to this rigorous test and is now certified in accordance with ASTM C-67.

New Pendrel House – London, UK
Acid rain has become a serious problem in Europe in the last century. Many sculptures and beautiful buildings are being destroyed by this toxic rain. When the New Pendrel House was being built, architects wanted to make sure that their new building would not be destroyed by acid rain. StoneLite® exterior stone cladding was chosen because it has passed multiple acid rain testing developed by PARTEK in Finland for Europe.

Police & Fire Pension Fund Building – Florida
It\’s important to house your emergency departments in a building that doesn\’t leave THEM in need of rescue. Florida experiences hurricanes every year and they have created specific requirements to ensure that buildings are using material that can withstand strong impacts. The hurricane wind load and missile impact tests in accordance with the South Florida Building Code tested StoneLite® to see if they could hold up to hurricane winds.  StoneLite® met all the criteria and the Miami Dade NOA code acceptance was obtained (see testing for results) . Many buildings in Florida use StoneLite® exterior stone cladding, including the Police Fire Pension Fund Building.

StoneLite® panels are used throughout the world as they are adaptable to any environment. We put our quality stone veneer through multiple tests to ensure that wherever a building is constructed, our exterior stone cladding will withstand the elements and the test of time.