StonePanels International LLC

Reusing and Recycling with StoneLite® Panels

Being a truly “green\” building material starts with stone composite panels that are made up of recycled and reused component materials.

The natural stone panel cladding system from Stone Panels, Inc. is installed with exclusive mounting channels and is made up of (in part) pre-consumer and post-consumer recycled raw material. Our process has been created in its environmentally-friendly fashion so that building owners might be able to achieve an LEED (Leadership in Energy and Efficient Design) MR (Major Renovations) Credit 4.1 for recycled content. As a part of manufacturing StoneLite® panel attachment systems, Stone Panels, Inc. uses aluminum channels; partnering with an approved supplier that has demonstrated the aluminum content is composed of 75 percent recycled material (or more).

Another attribute of StoneLite® that further demonstrates our company\’s commitment to reusability is that StoneLite® are fully demountable. The ability to demount our stone composite panels allows for them to be installed on more than one building across their lifetime.

As a final “green\” manufacturing aspect of StoneLite®, it\’s important to note that water used during manufacturing is constantly recycled and stone dust is filtered through systems so that it can be reused as dirt stabilization and road base material. Yes, even the waste product from manufacturing StoneLite® can go on to be reused by associated industry.