StonePanels International LLC

Solve Financial Woes With StoneLite®

When taking on a new project, it’s common that financial issues will come up. That was the case when architects gathered to discuss renovating the Portage County Courthouse.

Once it was decided that dimensional stone would be too expensive, Hasenstab Architects, Inc. turned to Stone Panels, Inc.

Stone Panels, Inc. had recently worked on another project in the area so it didn\’t take long for them to be contacted in regards to the courthouse.

The StoneLite® product was the best, most affordable, option because the light weight composite wall system is made up of a natural stone veneer reinforced with an aircraft-quality aluminum honeycomb backing. Not only do the component come together seamlessly, but the StoneLite® veneer can be any stone, including granite, travertine, limestone, marble and sandstone.

The Portage County project was able to affordably meet the building exterior design intent. The lightweight panels allowed an additional floor to be added to the building, increasing usable floor space by 50%. Money wasn\’t the only thing they saved either; the lightweight panels resulted in less installation time as well.

Choosing dimensional stone results in higher installation prices and longer construction schedules so if this is an issue you’re facing on your next project, consider StoneLite®, which reduces installation cost while the proprietary manufacturing process actually increases the strength and impact resistance of the material. StoneLite® proves it’s not impossible to affordably restore a structure with the beauty of natural stone.