Stone Panels Renovation Construction Spotlight: Canadian Imperial Bank

Stone Panels helped transform a vacant warehouse in Toronto into a modern, vibrant Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce regional banking center. Using their innovative, patented [StoneLite] paneling system new life was brought to the exterior of an old dilapidated building.

The pre-existing façade of the Canadian Imperial Bank branch was comprised of split-faced masonry.  It’s rough, textured finish resembled chopped stone and featured both convex and concave properties. By recladding the original exterior with natural [StoneLite] Gascogne Beige limestone, SPI eliminated the need for demolition and haul off.  This efficient solution combined with the reduced installation time resulted in considerable savings for the bank on haul off and demolition costs and allowed them to open for business in an accelerated time frame.

“This was more than just a reclad,” said Tim Friedel. “We were able to take a graffiti covered, abandoned warehouse that was an eyesore in a high end community and convert it into a thriving banking facility that complemented its surroundings.”

StoneLite® overcladding is ideal for vacant or underutilized buildings with unattractive façades where deterioration, structural problems and water penetration are issues.  In many cases, the façade can easily be transformed while the building is still occupied,” said Friedel. “StoneLite® look great, are easy to install, extremely durable, and met the project’s tight installation timeline and budget constraints.”

StoneLite® paneling system is a dynamic solution for commercial renovations. It is ideal for recladding of pre-existing surfaces including dimensional stone, precast concrete, masonry, porcelain tile, metal panels and EIFS. These lightweight, natural stone composite panels are comprised of a thin stone veneer and an aluminum honeycomb backing which is sandwiched between an impervious, high-strength, fiber-reinforced epoxy skin.

Stone Panels created and pioneered the unique stone cladding industry when its StoneLite® were developed and patented more than 40 years ago. StoneLite® are available in thousands of stone choices including natural granite, marble, sandstone, slate and limestone and are featured on projects around the world.  For more information about StoneLite® contact us at 800.328.6275.