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Stone Panels Renovation Construction Spotlight: 487 Keap St.

In 1910, 487 Keap Street in the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn, NY was built. The prewar style, dilapidated factory building was on the verge of destruction when the property was purchased by the Chetrit Group.

The original five story structure was an L shaped heavy timber and brick building.  There were several design and renovation challenges.  The original wooden load bearing beams were so numerous there was a risk in removing them.  Another challenge was the building appeared to be a single unit but was in fact two different structures built at different times and were separated by a bearing wall.  Weight was another concern especially with the addition of a 6th floor.

487 Keap Street

The renovation design included updating the brick façade to a stone exterior.   Stone Panels was tapped to manufacture our StoneLite® natural lightweight Mocha Crème Limestone and Verde Lavrus granite panels.  The appeal of using StoneLite® was their weight at a little over 4 lbs. per square ft. including the attachment system and the ability to be installed over an existing façade.  In addition, the building was almost 7” out of plumb and due to our proprietary attachment system we were able to accommodate this unusual condition.

The incorporation of high end interior features, impressive design elements, and StoneLite® exterior natural stone panels enabled the historic structure to be renovated into 51 uber chic loft style apartments.

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