Stone Panels Specialty Applications: Cornices

Stone Panels, Inc. is often called on for special projects that involve unique architectural features such as cornices.

Cornice molding generally crowns any building or furniture element such as over a door or window. The term cornice comes from Italian cornice, meaning “ledge.”

The cornice pieces are assembled in the factory with framing. Then they are shipped to the jobsite and easily hoisted into place. Each cornice frame is then quickly attached to the building.

Cornices are often considered for renovation projects, which Stone Panels, Inc. can install rapidly and inexpensively. StoneLite® panels often allow you to cover a deteriorating exterior without demolition and haul-off, which is very cost efficient.

StoneLite® panels can be economically fabricated to form natural stone cornices such as the cornice on the Ann Taylor Flagship Store in New York, NY. The cornices  for the store were factory assembled and sent to the jobsite ready for a fast installation.

Since these cornices were made from StoneLite® panels, no additional framing was required to support them. If dimensional stone was used, the structure would need to be reinforced to take the extreme weight of a solid stone cornice.

Bank of Elgin in Elgin, Illinois; Silver Star Casino in Philadelphia, Mississippi; and Andrews Academy in Lake St. Louis, Missouri are other examples of the many projects that Stone Panels, Inc. completed with cornices. These projects were built with massive limestone cornices that were also factory assembled and shipped to the jobsite for a simple installation.

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