StonePanels International LLC

Stone Panels Video – Over-Clad at Factory

As the sixth and final installment of our YouTube video and blog series, we take you to Stone Panels, Inc. headquarters in Coppell, Texas. In the video below, you\’ll get a first-hand look at a crew installing Roman Classic Travertine and Granite panels to re-clad over existing concrete walls. As the president for Hair Club for Men used to say, “I\’m not only the president, I\’m also a client.\” What would it say about Stone Panels, Inc. and our StoneLite® product if we didn\’t buy into our product ourselves.

The renovation project at our factory facilities in the Dallas-Fort Worth area is a testament to just how much we at Stone Panels, Inc. believe in our StoneLite® product. In this video, you\’ll be able to see how items like cornices and accents come into play during a StoneLite® panel installation. This last video in our series brings our YouTube video series full circle, as we\’ve shared with readers of our blog applicable installation video for both new construction and renovation projects.

The contents of our videos are provided for informational purposes only and not intended to suggest safety practices. Please become familiar with, observe and obey your company\’s and the construction site\’s safety rules and policies.