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Stone Panels Video – Typical Panel Installation

The YouTube video below is the second in a series of videos from Stone Panels, Inc. This video series should help those who are considering choosing StoneLite® for their next renovation or new construction project to become more familiar with our natural stone composite panels. This video, specifically, will give builders and installers more insight into what the typical installation of StoneLite® looks like.

Among other things, the below video shows what it looks like to install StoneLite® around windows and what it looks like to cut StoneLite® while on the job site. If you\’re thinking of working with natural stone composite panels from Stone Panels, Inc., the below will address what it might be like for installers on your upcoming project. Be sure to stay tuned for the rest of our videos in this series in future blog posts.

The contents of our videos are provided for informational purposes only and not intended to suggest safety practices. Please become familiar with, observe and obey your company\’s and the construction site\’s safety rules and policies.