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Stone Selection 101: Polished vs. Honed Stone Finishes

After selecting the stone for a project, the next step is to choose the finish. StoneLite® can be produced with a variety of finishes used in the dimensional stone industry. Two common stone finishes are polished and honed.

Honed means the surface of the stone has been ground to a smooth, flat, consistent surface. For stones with a natural shine such as granite or marble, the polish or shine is removed leaving a matte (unpolished) surface with little to no reflection and no bumps or ridges. It is fairly porous and natural looking; the color will be visibly lighter than a polished finish. A honed finish may be preferred for floors, stairs and other areas that must easily withstand foot traffic.

A polished finish has a highly reflective surface, which will display the vibrancy of the stone’s colors as well as the “character” of the stone. The texture is very smooth and is not very porous. The full color, depth, and crystal structure is visible with a polished finish. It\’s also easier to keep a polished stone with clean and free of stains because its seal closes the pores of the stone’s surface and repels moisture.

The surface finish you choose will affect the look and feel of your room and the maintenance of your stone. Other possible finishes include sand-blasted, brushed, flamed (thermal) and tooled. Variations can be combined in a project to present a unique, architectural look. To see several examples of different finishes available at Stone Panels, Inc., visit Not all finishes are recommended, or even possible, on all stones. To determine feasibility, please contact our Technical Services Staff to verify the availability of that finish. (469) 635-5000