StonePanels International LLC

StoneLite® Architectural Features: Inlays

While Stone Panels, Inc. is proud of the structures they have built all over the world, it’s important to note the fine, detail work that is done as well. Several projects of Stone Panels, Inc. include inlays, a decorative technique that involves inserting pieces of contrasting, colored materials into depressions in a base object to form patterns or pictures. An inlay can be easily inserted to complement the surrounding natural stone, making it simple to establish the required design.

Because SPI’s StoneLite® can be used in a variety of applications, these types of projects do not pose a challenge and the results speak for themselves. From an elevator in Las Vegas to a clock in an airport, there is no limit to what SPI can do. SPI is known for supplying hundreds of different marbles, granites and limestone that all weigh significantly less than solid stone. For a decorative piece, such as an inlay, it’s important to use lightweight material in order to expertly showcase the design.

If your project is in need of a lightweight stone product or you want to learn more about working with StoneLite®, visit our contact page or contact our staff at (469) 635-5000

Top left: Caesar’s Place Elevator in Las Vegas, Nevada
Top right: Wachovia Tower in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Bottom right: Clock at John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California
Bottom left: Neiman Marcus, Walnut Creek, California