StonePanels International LLC

StoneLite® Guarantees a Continued Commitment to the Environment

Many people begin to look for better, healthier alternatives in their lifestyle. Stone Panels, Inc. has been offering the better alternative for years now.

Stone Panels, Inc. is proud to provide lightweight stone cladding through a process that promotes to the most efficient architectural use of natural resources. We have upheld a strong commitment to environmentally responsible, sustainable building products.

Our products deliver “Green Building” qualities that other materials, such as dimensional stone, cannot:

–       Sustainability

–       Resistance to Thermal Transmission

–       Reduced Structural Requirements

–       Preservation of Limited Natural Resources

–       Reduced Fuel Requirements for Transportation

–       Weather Resistance

–       Use of Recycled Raw Materials

We’re your strong solution for ecologically responsible building. With StoneLite®, you can preserve natural resources because it provides the beauty of natural stone but still manages to use the least amount of natural resources to achieve its look.

StoneLite® requires nothing but a thin layer of natural stone veneer reinforced with an aluminum honeycomb backing, which involves minimal impact on the environment.

At Stone Panels Inc., we don’t waste unused materials since StoneLite® can be installed over existing wall materials during a renovation project. There is no need for construction waste and StoneLite® panels can be re-used on future construction projects.

In addition, StoneLite® is lighter than dimensional stone – 80% lighter! Its lightweight capabilities make it easier to transport and install with less equipment needed.

Whether it’s a new project from the ground up or renovation, you can build green with Stone Panels, Inc.’s StoneLite® panels.