StoneLite® Healthcare Construction Spotlight: Beloit Clinic

Beloit Clinic in Beloit, Wisconsin has been providing superior primary care and specialty services to its patients for over 70 years. Beloit Clinic has over 110 skilled physicians, who provide a wide array of services to its patients. Changes in staffing and an increased clientele created a need for Beloit Clinic to build upon their existing facilities.

When Beloit Clinic sought to expand the space of their facility, Stone Panels, Inc. was the perfect solution for their needs. SPI has worked with several healthcare facilities around the country; they understand the importance of creating a space that is cohesive and welcoming to patients, especially those whose health can benefit from a calming environment. The mission of Beloit Clinic is the same as it was when it launched in 1970: to deliver the highest quality medical services and improve the overall health status of the community.

For the addition, Stone Panels, Inc. used the classic and economical Mocha Crème Limestone StoneLite®. These panels are 80% lighter than traditional stone and can be installed quickly and efficiently with fewer workers. By using StoneLite®, Beloit Clinic was able to save 20 – 50% in stone installation costs, efficiently expand their medical facilities and guarantee the treatment of more patients.

Stone Panels, Inc. has the ideal materials for adding additional space to an existing structure, whether it be for a commercial, government or healthcare facility. The versatility of StoneLite® make them the perfect material to increase the size of any building without sacrificing time or money. If you’re involved with a project in the healthcare industry, contact Stone Panels, Inc. to discuss how StoneLite® may provide the materials you need.