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StoneLite® Recladding Capabilities: Somerset County Administration Building

The Somerset County Administration Building is a large, low-rise building, which is used as a governmental office as well as a jail. The administration building is located in Somerville, New Jersey, a borough rich with history as well as diversity. The building was originally clad in a dimensional limestone that was unattractive and beginning to fail.

Somerset County is at the hub of Central New Jersey with an estimated 324,194 residents and 21 municipalities.  A few of the county’s major goals include environmental protections, conservation of resources and proper planning for future growth and development.

When the Somerset County Administration building was in need of a facelift, Stone Panels, Inc. was chosen for the job, which was fitting since our lightweight stone panels are considered an efficient, “green” building material. StoneLite® panels offered an aesthetically appealing choice that combined Regal Gray granite and White Carrara marble. By choosing to reclad, the owners of the administration building were able to make decorative and environmental upgrades, which perfectly aligned with the goals of the county.

In addition, reskinning the building allowed the history and heritage of the original building to stay intact, a priority for one of America’s oldest counties.

Changing the face of buildings through recladding is a growing trend and it offers owners, developers and tenants unparalleled advantages. Reclads revitalize existing properties for much less than the cost of tearing down and building from the ground up.

Government buildings and projects are a specialty of Stone Panels, Inc. Government contractors regularly contact SPI to incorporate StoneLite® panels into their projects. Government buildings usually require the preservation of buildings with historical significance, so an incredibly durable and long-lasting material like StoneLite® is important.