StonePanels International LLC

StoneLite® Retail Construction Spotlight: Bloomingdale’s New York Flagship Store

3rd Avenue
New York, NY
(Absolute Black Granite)

Stone Panels, Inc. is often contacted by well-known retailers to install StoneLite® but it was more than just the need for a lightweight stone solution that brought Bloomingdale\’s to Stone Panels, Inc.

When HBO wanted to amplify the advertising for their new show, “Boardwalk Empire,” they sought out three well-known marketers to ensure they made a memorable impression. Bloomingdale’s was chosen to promote the show by constructing a 115-foot-long boardwalk on the Third Avenue side of the store. In order to successfully bring attention to the show, as well as the iconic store, Bloomingdale’s needed to replace their existing exterior façade, which is when SPI stepped in.

Stone Panels, Inc. used more than 7,000 square feet of highly-polished Absolute Black granite on the building’s exterior, which created a beautiful backdrop for the boardwalk. Granite is an excellent choice for all applications, especially if you are concerned with durability, graffiti or staining. Bloomingdale’s made a smart investment with StoneLite® because “Boardwalk Empire” quickly became a hit. The show has received widespread critical acclaim, particularly for its visual style and basis on historical figures, and was nominated for 18 Emmy Awards; winning eight.

High-end retailers are common clients for Stone Panels, Inc. because of our quick installation process. Bloomingdale’s did not have to endure construction related downtime that would’ve turned shoppers away.

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