StoneLite® vs. Dimensional Stone

The Stone Panels Inc. StoneLite® product provides exceptional benefits over dimensional stone and is a leader in natural stone wall cladding industry. Some important considerations include:


  • StoneLite® weighs 80% less than solid 3 cm dimensional stone and 95% less than solid 4 in. limestone. This significant difference results in an installation that is 10 – 12 times faster than dimensional stone cladding, saving time and money.
  • StoneLite® panels don’t need expensive lifting equipment or specialized labor resulting in lower costs and less time.
  • The panels are so lightweight and easy to handle that an entire building elevation can be laid out in advance and arranged for blending color of the natural stone prior to fabrication and installation.

Strength & Durability

  • After rigorous testing, StoneLite® has a proven capacity to withstand many forces including blast loads, accelerated freeze/thaw, seismic racking and lateral displacement without showing any panel damage.
  • StoneLite® can resist up to 60 times more impact load than solid 3 cm thick granite.
  • StoneLite® panels can be flexed without cracking or breaking, which gives them the ability to withstand the racking movement encountered in hurricane winds, earthquakes and explosions.


  • With StoneLite®, you are no limited to one quarry or a particular stone type. You can select from thousands of types of authentic granite, marble, limestone, travertine, slate or sandstone.
  • The StoneLite® panels incorporate authentic natural stone with an aluminum honeycomb substrate resulting in an unrivaled union of real stone beauty, superior strength and stability.

As we begin a new path into the New Year, Stone Panels Inc. will continue to prove StoneLite® is the better product again and again.