StonePanels International LLC

StoneLite® Well-Known Retail Landmarks

It’s no coincidence that various luxury retailers have called on Stone Panels Inc. to bring their ideas on paper to life.

Stone Panels Inc.’s StoneLite® panels are a natural fit for retail construction; they keep the beauty of natural stone, allow special architectural features (large free span ceilings, cornices, etc.) and are easy and cost effective to install.

Last year, Stone Panels Inc. had the task of preparing New York City’s flagship Bloomingdale’s store ready for the premiere of HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire.” The renovation and the premiere was a success for Stone Panels Inc. as well as “Boardwalk Empire.” Recently, StoneLite® Panels were featured as the exterior cladding for the new Neiman Marcus location n Walnut Grove, CA and the new Nordstrom’s store in Salt Lake City, UT.

Stone Panels Inc. has also worked with other well-known retailers such as Williams Sonoma, Banana Republic and Pottery Barn. Our installation process suits these kinds of stores perfectly. StoneLite® panels can be installed very quickly, which allows the store to avoid having construction related downtime. There is also a quick return on investment for the shop owner since the natural stone finish enhances the store’s image, which increases traffic and sales.

One thing to consider when taking on a retail project is preparing a structure to withstand large amounts of traffic. StoneLite® panels offer exceptional impact resistance and flexural strength provided by the Stone Panels Inc. patented manufacturing process. These panels have over 35 years of proven performance on the exterior of buildings throughout the world and have withstood forces of nature including earthquakes, hurricanes and the streets of New York.

If you’re considering StoneLite® panels for your specific application, please contact our Technical Services Staff at (800)328-6275 or (469)635-5000.