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The Different Ways You Can Use StoneLite®

StoneLite® can be used for many different purposes. If you are building new construction or renovating an old building, StoneLite® can be used to enhance the exterior, interior, or elevators in any building. Natural stone cladding is so sought after because it upgrades the image of an office building or retail store. By using StoneLite® you get the high quality image you desire without the headache of installing dimensional stone.

The lightweight stone cladding is quick and simple to install. Panels have been installed on buildings from Fairbanks, Alaska to San Juan , Puerto Rico; and from Montreal, Quebec to San Diego, California.  Stone Panels primary market is North America, although about 30% of our product ships to Europe.  Below are a few different ways you can use natural stone cladding to enhance the appearance of your building:

Natural stone cladding is extremely durable, which is essential for a building that needs to withstand the elements. Exterior stone cladding can withstand extreme heat, bitter cold, earthquakes, tornadoes, and hurricanes. This not only protects the structure and interior of a building, but it also cuts costs because you do not have to continuously replace cracked or weathered stone. Exterior stone cladding has a 40-year history of proven performance on buildings in all climates throughout the world.

We understand that one of the most important things about a renovation is a quick return on investment. Natural stone cladding is quick and inexpensive to install and instantly increases property values. The problem many people have when renovating is that their building\’s structures were only designed to hold the weight of the original curtain wall, so they have to reinforce the structure before they can add the stone cladding they desire. But because StoneLite® are so lightweight, there is no need to reinforce the structure. Natural stone cladding allows you to cover a deteriorating exterior, which is very cost efficient. Plus if you are looking to add some extra elegance, StoneLite® can be made into cornices, which are quick and easy to install and require no additional framing.

It is imperative for retailers to exude a high-quality image to draw customers into their stores. The beauty of natural stone cladding will definitely draw more customers to your retail center. Plus since it can be installed quickly, your business won\’t be hurt by lengthy construction.

The interior design of a building is very important because it is where people spend most of their time. The large-size, lightweight stone cladding is very easy to work with and allows design flexibility. It can also be installed quickly with minimal disturbance to the people occupying the building. This will allow for an elegant upgrade that will enhance the building and allow business to continue as usual.

Specialty Applications
Lightweight stone cladding is perfect for elevator walls, floors, and ceilings because it weighs 80 percent less than solid stone. It is also very durable and can withstand severe impacts from carts, moving furniture, and vandalism. Other cladding materials quickly show scratches, dents, and cuts from heavy traffic; but not StoneLite®! By adding lightweight stone cladding to your elevators you will instantly upgrade the buildings image and increase tenant satisfaction.