StonePanels International LLC

The Easy Installation of Pre-Panelized Stone Systems


There aren\’t many jobs or projects out there where builders couldn\’t benefit from using an alternate to dimensional stone. Dimensional stone requires a large amount of machinery and a much larger crew to get the installation done. You wouldn\’t believe some of the hoops that builders have to jump through in order to get dimensional stone in place. It often requires a creativity, resourcefulness and level of energy that could be better spent on other parts of the project.

Conversely, pre-panelized stone systems provide the same beauty and texture (not to mention more strength) as an alternate to dimensional stone. What sets our pre-panelized stone systems apart from other stone products is its aluminum honeycomb backing. This material is the same as the material used on the most modern of aircrafts. So our aluminum honeycomb backing\’s primary advantages are its lightweight and durable nature.

Our pre-panelized stone systems can reach places that dimensional stone can\’t because of how lightweight it is. Likewise, it can only take a crew of two to install our product due to its lightweight nature. Stone Panels Inc.® can even teach your crew how to install our product so that no time is wasted when you\’re on the job.

Builders and developers know time is money. When stone products are compared, it takes the foresight to know which products can keep installation headaches to a minimum.