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The ROI of Stone Renovations Systems


The reality is that the beauty and security that a building gains when it finally chooses to renovate with a superior product than the one it was built with is a means to an end. For building owners, the endgame is tenants – both lease and occupancy rates. An empty building isn\’t pretty for landlords, no matter how you look at it. But improve the quality of your building with a stone renovation system and the office spaces or apartments in your building will fill themselves better than you\’ve ever seen before.

The Difference Exterior Stone Cladding Can Make
Your occupants and lessees take pride in the places that they live and work. They can even affect their productivity and everyday outlook. A quality stone veneer can be one of the biggest pieces to the puzzle for a building that is genuinely an enjoyable place to live or work. StoneLite® panels can provide an aesthetically appealing facade and much more. In many cases, the lightweight StoneLite® system can be installed directly over the existing facade. This eliminates demolition and haul-off expenses. In some instances, the lightweight system will allow the addition of another floor to the existing structure. When renovating the Portage County (Ohio) Prosecuting Attorney\’s Office, a fourth floor was added that increased the usable floor space by 33 percent.

What\’s good for your business as a building owner is good for your lessee\’s businesses too. If they can present themselves to business partners and clients with a building that they can be proud of, then their business improves too. You\’d be amazed at the trickle-down effect that choosing to renovate with StoneLite® stone panels can have for everyone from the building owner to the individual occupant. And with quality exterior stone cladding, you may even get one or two passersby wondering if they\’re looking at an entirely new building!