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FALSE JOINTS – Peabody College at Vanderbilt University

StoneLite® Indiana Standard Buff limestone panels are in production for the stone portion of the exterior renovation of Peabody College HEM at Vanderbilt University. SPI incorporated false joints on the 48”x16” panels to give the appearance of a 48”x8” module size to help reduce the number of panels to install. The false joints are continued […] Read More

Unique Applications – University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia Earth Science Building created a unique exterior on the Ross Beaty Lecture Hall using 21 unique natural stones manufactured into StoneLite® panels and installed in a book matching application. The panels are not only decorative but are used as an outdoor learning laboratory for student studies. Read More


I love March Madness even when my bracket is busted the first day of play!  One of the things that made this year so much more exciting was realizing how many universities that received tickets to the Big Dance were clients of Stone Panels. Nine universities in this year’s March Madness have utilized our natural […] Read More


Stone does not have to be defined by hard lines, angles, and linear shapes.  It can be molded into soft flowing curves.  Wait…curved?  Yes, stone can be curved – not chiseled, sanded, or segmented but actually curved from a flat panel. Can Stone Panels manufacture our StoneLite® panels to a fixed curved?  “Yes, we can!” is the surprisingly simple answer […] Read More

Stone Panels Education Construction Spotlight: Cleveland State University

Cleveland State University student center is a new remodeled facility featuring scrolling LED message boards, wireless inter-connectivity, digital displays and cable flat screen televisions. CSU’s intent is for the center to be a social and academic hub for all student organizations and activities as well as other local organizations in the area.  Soaring windows provide […] Read More