StonePanels International LLC


StoneLite® natural stone composite panels are an ideal solution for renovations due to their lightweight adherent capabilities, quick installation time, and may be installed over other materials reducing demolition and haul off costs. The incorporation of natural stone panels into a building’s renovation immediately adds value and the installation process does not require tenants to be displaced.


Merrion Centre used StoneLite® Crosland Hills sandstone panels to over clad an existing mixed use building with a failing mosaic tile facade. A two story roof extension was added and the building remained occupied during the installation.

In addition to the need for more space, the new home of the Portage County Prosecuting Attorney was in need of a face lift without completely demolishing the structure.  The exterior was precast concrete which could not handle the loading of a 2’x3′ piece of dimensional stone.  The architect turned to StoneLite® and added a third floor increasing the usable floor space.


JW Operating had recently constructed their new corporate headquarters with StoneLite® panels as the facade. They were so impressed with the outcome they decided to renovate their hangar located across the street.

The original hangar structure was ribbed concrete.  StoneLite® panels were installed directly over the existing facade.  The speed and ease of installation along with the ability to install over the ribbed concrete created immediate savings by not having to incur demolition and haul off costs or the displacement of tenants.


The renovations to the Capitol Federal headquarters in Topeka, KS allowed SPI to play a key role in the revitalization of a city and to help restore a historical landmark.  The iconic 60’s 1″ blue ceramic tiles were overclad with StoneLite® limestone and granite panels were installed on the first elevation.


Key Cadillac participated in the Cadillac Brand Image program which included a retrofit of their existing brick clad building.  StoneLite® exterior limestone panels were installed and combined with the brand design elements transformed their dated building into a modern structure.


Williams Sonoma renovated a Manhattan storefront using StoneLite® Valders Buff panels.  All of the column covers, cornices and coping shapes were pre-assembled at our manufacturing facility in Texas and shipped to the job site as a prefabricated panel ready to install.

Complicated cornices fabricated from dimensional stone require more structural support and different lifting equipment than StoneLite® cornices. When Ann Taylor decided to remodel their flagship location in Manhattan they chose a StoneLite® french limestone for the exterior and cornices.  Most cornices are pre-assembled with honeycomb gussets and can be hand set from a simple stage.


24 Leonard St. in New York was a nondescript, four story parking garage when a developer saw the potential and converted it into a nine story condo building using StoneLite® Mocha Crème limestone panels for the exterior façade. The panels have a vertically grained honed finish and were fabricated with finished outside returns with the largest return at 11”.

The Chetrit Group recognized the value of our StoneLite® panels on the 487 Keap St. redevelopment.  The original brick factory was 2′ out of plumb and was on the verge of demolition.  The renovation included adding a story and installing StoneLite® granite panels at the water table and the remainder of the stone facade in StoneLite® limestone panels.


Projects in hurricane and tornado zones have high wind load requirements.  StoneLite® panels have held the Miami Dade NOA certification for many years and have superb performance on structural and impact load testing along with large missile impact results.

The 20 story Banco Popular reclad project in San Juan, PR was designed to withstand hurricane winds (equivalent to 260 mph) and missile impact. High strength StoneLite® Rosa Ghiandone granite panels were installed over failing 1″ mosaic tile without having to displace tenants during the renovation and because they were capable of meeting the 189 lb per sq. ft. wind load and hurricane large missile impact requirements.

Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico with deadly force.  Banco Popular had only a handful of panels that sustained cosmetic damage from flying debris.  ZERO panels were lost from the building due our superior engineering and rigorous testing.


The Ministry building adjacent to the Parliament in Copenhagen, Denmark was historically significant and needed to undergo restoration as the substrate was failing and the exterior façade was being held in place with surface fasteners. Replacing the Greenland Marble with newly mined material was not an option as the quarry closed in the 1920s.

The existing marble was removed from the exterior and shipped to Texas where it was fabricated into StoneLite® panels. Lightweight stone plugs were manufactured to insert into the holes created by the surface fasteners. Some corner panels required a fixed curved and were fabricated to a radius of 11’-1” and 7’-9”.


Several shuttered Sears anchor stores throughout Canada were converted to Nordstrom retail locations.  StoneLite® limestone panels were specified as the stone exterior cladding.

Nordstrom Vancouver installed StoneLite® Gascogne Beige limestone panels in an open joint/rainscreen application.  Each panel was manufactured with an aluminium extrusion.

StoneLite® Bateig Gray limestone panels were selected and installed in an open joint/rainscreen application for the Nordstrom Calgary location.


EECU in Ft. Worth Tx elected to reclad their four story commercial office building and financial bank center in StoneLite® limestone panels after tornadic events caused significant damage on the EFIS facade.  Panels have been installed for almost two decades and have withstood the natural elements with zero damage.

An unoccupied EFIS clad building was converted into a the class A 1000 Woodbridge Center financial and corporate office building.  StoneLite® exterior granite panels were installed in a sealed joint exterior application.


StoneLite® granite and limestone panels were installed over precast concrete on the three story 865 Merrick Ave. project.


StoneLite® limestone panels were installed over a split faced CMU exterior.  CIBC Bank selected the site for a branch location in Toronto.  The graffiti tagged exterior was in need of renovation.  StoneLite® panels were selected and installed directly over the existing facade.  This type of installation created automatic savings in demolition and haul off costs.