StonePanels International LLC


StoneLite® interior stone panels showcase the natural beauty of stone but eliminate its fragile, brittle, and variable properties. StoneLite® interior stone panels are ideal for overhead applications. Weighing only 3.3 lbs. per sq. ft. StoneLite® panels are easily supported by common ceiling framing and can be quickly installed with no special lifting equipment required.

StoneLite® panels also provide a quick return on investment for the building owner as the natural stone finish upgrades their image, increasing occupancy and tenant satisfaction.

Below are several examples highlighting unique interior design and installation applications featuring StoneLite® natural stone panels.


The combination of StoneLite® natural stone, state-of-the-art computer-aided design, and CNC machining to cut the oblique shapes, allowed the creation of the architect’s design intent for the 27 story rotunda of the Robert T. Matsui Federal Courthouse in Sacramento, CA.

More than 9,000 different StoneLite® Valders Dolomite pieces, each having a slightly different size and different trapezium shape, clad the sloping walls in this elliptic, ever-changing radius room.  Each panel was drawn to scale using Autocad and then programmed into the CNC machine to be cut to their specific dimension.

City Place chose StoneLite® Durango travertine for their interior walls and lobby.  The subtle movement of the fleuri cut stone provides a beautiful backdrop to the Texas Longhorn cattle artwork.

Dynamic StoneLite® Rainbow sandstone was installed in the Talking Stick casino and resort lobbies along with the exterior entrances and tower.


StoneLite® panels are often carried through to the interior from an exterior application.

Talking Stick Casino and Resort designed their property to reflect the colors of the the local landscape.  StoneLite® Rainbow sandstone panels were part of the interior scope as well as the exterior.

Dallas Love Field modernized their airport terminal and installed StoneLite® Lueders limestone panels in the interior ticketing space.  Multiple module sizes and angles were fabricated to create a modern, neutral backdrop for the space and art installations.

Gallup University Riverfront Campus carried their entrance feature knife edge feature wall and carried it through to the interior gallery wall.


StoneLite® panels can be manufactured to a fixed curve.  The degree of a fixed curve varies with the stone type as not all natural stone is conducive to being curved.  SPI is able to manufacture concave and convex curves.

Thomas F. Eagletonfederal courthouse features interior curved and segmented curved panels.  The National Constitution Center interior boasts convex and concave panels.


Architectural Fins

Liberty Mutual HQ employee coffee bar was designed with the same StoneLite® architectural fins as grace their entrance.  The StoneLite® Texas Shell limestone panels were prefabricated flat panels with two sided 1-1/8″ returns.  The curved design is created by installing the panels in a segmented application with LED tape lighting at each overlap.

Interior Clock/Logo

SPI manufactured segmented curved wedges for the logo and clock at John Wayne Airport.


StoneLite® panels been used create a unique feature wall for multiple market segments.  Residential feature walls can create a one of a kind interior space.  Interior commercial feature walls can be found in commercial properties, airport terminals and courtrooms.


StoneLite® panels have been selected by multiple high end retailers for the interior entrance or walls.  The rich look of natural stone creates an elegant, upscale atmosphere.


Embarcadero Center redesigned the lobby and elevator banks of all four buildings with StoneLite® limestone panels.  Installation was performed after hours without displacing tenants.

Sandridge Energy Tower mixed two stone finishes of the same stone to create an updated interior lobby space.  The original interior was Dakota Mahogany granite and our panels were able to be installed over the existing granite and tied back into the substrate.


StoneLite® Puchon granite was factory fabricated into rectangular shapes for this beautiful ceiling in the South Korean Supreme Court Building in Seoul, Korea. Over 1 mile of fabricated corners were manufactured and installed in this free span ceiling.

NMR Bank in London installed StoneLite® travertine panels to create a gallery space for antique tapestries.  The suspended honeycomb ceiling matched the dimensional floor tiles and was engineered with curved returns to accommodate tracks for lighting and hanging the tapestries.