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The StoneLite® Brand

StoneLite® is a natural stone composite panel comprised of a thin stone veneer and an aluminum honeycomb backing bonded between impervious, high-strength, fiber-reinforced skin.  Our StoneLite® panels may be produced from almost any natural stone; including limestone, granite, sandstone, and slate.  Our natural stone panels are the perfect choice for exterior, interior, and renovation applications.


Why StoneLite® is the premier cladding solution.


StoneLite® panels are tested and have withstood the test of time for over 40 years and have been installed on buildings all over the world.

  • Certified by ICC, BBA, and CSTB
  • Acid Freeze-Thaw
  • Air and Water Infiltration
  • Structural and Impact Load
  • USBC Approval & Quality Control Testing
  • Fire Testing including NFPA 285
  • Full Scale Arena Blast Test
  • Attachment System Testing
  • Miami Dade NOA

See our complete testing data under Technical Information


StoneLite® panels are proven to reduce the costs associated with installation, and the ability to easily install StoneLite® panels allows for scheduling flexibility.

  • Reduced labor and on-site staging requirements
  • Limited or no crane time
  • Limited or no field cuts
  • May be installed over existing cladding eliminating demolition and haul off costs

More information on installation may be found under Resources.


StoneLite® panels are stronger and more flexible than traditional dimensional stone. Impact strength 60x greater than 3cm stone.

  • Panels are flexible and ideal in regions prone to hurricanes and earthquakes.
  • Dependence on stone for load-bearing purposes becomes inconsequential.

Click here to learn more about the strength of StoneLite® panels.


StoneLite® panels are 80% lighter than 3cm dimensional stone.  Panel averages 3-4 lbs. per sq. ft. compared to 20-30 lbs. per sq. ft. of traditional 3cm stone.

Substantial reductions in the structure and foundations of a building are possible and this can have a profound effect on the amount of steel and concrete required.


StoneLite® panels meet some of the 2009 LEED V3 criteria and the newer LEED V4 being adopted.


Product data includes panel strength, lateral load capacity, limited section details,  and panel properties.

Stone Panels International Technical Information – PDF