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    FALSE JOINTS – Peabody College at Vanderbilt University

    StoneLite® Indiana Standard Buff limestone panels are in production for the stone portion of the exterior renovation of Peabody College HEM at Vanderbilt University. SPI incorporated false joints on the 48”x16” panels to give the appearance of a 48”x8” module size to help reduce the number of panels to install. The false joints are continued […] Read More

    Project Spotlight: Orange Coast College Planetarium

    The new state of the art Planetarium is part of a $450M campus improvement program.  The exterior features StoneLite® Silver travertine lightweight stone panels in a segmented curved application. The StoneLite® façade has horizontal graining and is a ¼” open joint system with quirk mitered edges along with both 90 degree and non-90 degree finished corners.  […] Read More

    Project Spotlight: Feeling patriotic?  Visit the National Constitution Center

    The Pei Cobb Freed designed National Constitution Center was the first museum to use StoneLite® panels. The exterior facade and interior walls  feature 29K sf of StoneLite® limestone and granite panels. The interior panels were installed over steel stud framing with an average weight of only 60 lbs.  Some panels were fabricated to various angled corner […] Read More

    Retrofit Over Ribbed Precast Concrete

    A nondescript, dated structure was transformed using a mix of architectural elements including StoneLite® Noce and Roman Classic travertine panels.  The natural stone panels were installed over ribbed precast concrete. Major benefits of using StoneLite® natural stone panels in a renovation project are the panels can be installed over the existing materials, the reduction of demolition and […] Read More

    Unique Applications – University of British Columbia

    The University of British Columbia Earth Science Building created a unique exterior on the Ross Beaty Lecture Hall using 21 unique natural stones manufactured into StoneLite® panels and installed in a book matching application. The panels are not only decorative but are used as an outdoor learning laboratory for student studies. Read More

    Making History: The National Constitution Center

    The historic National Constitution Center combines dimensional stone and StoneLite® natural stone composite panels to create a modern-classic aesthetic in the heart of Philadelphia. Project name:             National Constitution Center Project location:         Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Year:                            2002 Architecture Firm: […] Read More