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StoneLite® panels are a natural fit for retail construction as they meet the demand of quick installation and the natural stone veneer exemplifies the high quality image that retailers require.

StoneLite® panels keep the beauty of natural stone and eliminate its fragile, brittle and variable properties plus they are easy to handle and do not require heavy lifting equipment. Our panels can be installed very quickly by trades who are already on the project, eliminating the need to bring in specialized labor while maintaining the design intent. They bring the beauty of natural stone, without the difficulty.

Retail projects also require durable materials to endure the abuse that comes with a high volume of traffic. Tough, durable StoneLite® panels offer fantastic impact resistance and flexural strength provided by our patented manufacturing process. They can resist up to 60 times more impact than solid 3 cm solid granite.

The lightweight panels are easy to handle, so an entire building elevation can be laid out at the Stone Panels’ factory yard, and arranged for blending color and the natural stone grain prior to fabrication. Panels are then individually numbered to correspond with shop drawings, fabricated and shipped to the jobsite.

Below are some examples how StoneLite® natural stone panels have been incorporated into the retail market segment.


Nordstrom – Salt Lake City, UT

Nordstrom-salt-lake-city-UT-limestone-travertine-granite-19First impressions are everything in the high end retail market segment.  Nordstrom’s selected StoneLite® panels in three different natural stones and two different finishes to be installed on the exterior, interior mall entrance, and multi-story interior to create a luxurious retail environment.  This was their first project using StoneLite® natural stone panels and the success has led to multiple subsequent projects.

Nordstrom - Salt Lake City, UT
Nordstrom – Salt Lake City, UT






Neiman Marcus – Walnut Creek, CA and Charlotte, NC

Neiman Marcus - Walnut Creek, CA
Neiman Marcus – Walnut Creek, CA

Neiman Marcus recognized the superior quality of StoneLite® natural stone panels when constructing their new store at Broadway Plaza. Over 15,100 sq. ft. of StoneLite® Bethel White granite panels with a flamed finish were installed on the exterior and entrance.  The cantilevers are approximately 10 ft. to accommodate the soffit and the project has unique detailing to accommodate the exterior vitrines.  Some of the StoneLite® panels were water jet cut to accommodate the  21′ x 8′ Neiman Marcus script LED signage. This was the second retail location Neiman’s had installed StoneLite®panels.

Neiman Marcus - Charlotte, SC
Neiman Marcus – Charlotte, SC


In renovation, using StoneLite® panels for over-cladding is usually the most cost effective solution. Covering a deteriorated exterior by anchoring StoneLite® panels through the original cladding saves the expense of removing and disposing of the existing cladding. The interior spaces are not subjected to detrimental weather conditions. When over-cladding with StoneLite®, building occupants can remain with minimal disturbance, and the location continues to produce income.


Bloomingdale's - NY, NY
Bloomingdale’s – NY, NY

Bloomingdale’s 3rd Avenue flagship store in NY, NY needed to update their flagship store for the premiere HBO’s Boardwalk Empire.  SPI was able to meet their tight construction deadline and StoneLite® Absolute Black granite panels were installed.

Williams Sonoma – Pottery Barn

Williams Sonoma, NY, NY
Williams Sonoma, NY, NY

Williams Sonoma renovated a building in Manhattan for their new store using StoneLite® Valders dolomite.  All column covers, cornices and coping shapes were factory pre-assembled.

When the project was completed the decision was made to renovate their sister store Pottery Barn which was located next door.  The Pottery Barn renovation was a multi-story store front featuring StoneLite® Rocheret French limestone panels and the cornices and coping shapes were pre-assembled in our manufacturing facility.

Pottery Barn - NY, NY
Pottery Barn – NY, NY












Stone Panels, Inc. has been honored to be the stone cladding for many retail brand image campaigns.  Our extensive clients lists includes some of the most prestigious names in retailing:

Stone Panels, Inc. Retail Brand Image Clients


Retail locations in Hurricane and Seismic Zones

StoneLite® panels installed on buildings have survived Hurricane Andrew, Katrina, Rita, Isaac, and Sandy in the last few years and many more!  StoneLite® panels are the only lightweight natural stone panel system to have the Miami Dade NOA certification and has passed the structural and wind load testing including hurricane wind load and missile impact, racking shearing tests and simulating seismic loading just to name a few. Click here for more information on product testing.

Neiman Marcus (highlighted above), Ann Taylor with locations in CA, MO, and NY,  Godiva Chocolatier with more than 40 locations nationwide, Sephora with locations in FL and NY along with DKNY in HI and Ferragamo (featured below) are all retailers who have locations in seismic and/or hurricane zones that selected StoneLite® panels to grace the exterior of their retail store fronts.


Ferragamo - NY, NY
Ferragamo – NY, NY

Salvatore Ferragamo used StoneLite® for the exterior of his retail stores in New York, California and Hawaii. Ferragamo selected StoneLite® panels as they were the only lightweight, natural stone panels that could meet their brand image design and withstand the potential natural disasters.

Feragamo- Waikiki, HI
Feragamo- Waikiki, HI









Nelson Lamborghini
Nelson Lamborghini

StoneLite® has been installed on Cadillac, Mercedes Benz, Lamborghini, Lexus, Volvo, Hummer, Volkswagen, and Infinity dealerships across the nation.  Whether it is converting a dated structure into a modern upscale automotive center or building a new, state of the art location, StoneLite® natural stone panels provide the high end cladding synonymous with luxury dealerships.

The panels are most commonly installed over simple steel stud framing. No special framing is required. They can also be installed over most existing cladding to eliminate the need for expensive demolition.

StoneLite® is impervious to water penetration, even with open structured stones such as travertine and limestone. The two layers of impervious high strength fiber reinforcement between the stone veneer and the aluminum honeycomb, coupled with the epoxy skin backing of StoneLite® panels creates a weatherproof barrier that doesn’t exist with a porous stone cladding system, thereby eliminating the need for a secondary layer of protection.

They also provide a quick return on investment for the shop owner as the natural stone finish upgrades their image, increasing both traffic and sales.

Mercedes Benz
Mercedes Benz of Nashville – Nashville, Tennessee





Cadillac Brand Image

Suburban Cadillac
Suburban Cadillac Troy, MI

When Cadillac decided to renew their image, they turned to StoneLite® panels to update their dealerships. Through a nationwide campaign, StoneLite® panels have been installed on the exterior and portions of the interior of Cadillac dealerships for both new and renovation construction across the entire U.S.  More than 130 Cadillac dealerships have particpated in the program.

StoneLite® crest-cadillac-sout-venice-fl-limestone feature-12panels can be economically fabricated to form natural stone column covers, cornices and other massive shapes.


To determine if StoneLite® panels are right for your specific application, please contact our technical services staff at (800) 328-6275 or (469) 635-5000.