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Stone Finishes

Available Stone Finishes

StoneLite® panels can be produced with a variety of face finishes common to the dimensional stone industry. Below are several examples of stone finishes. Not all finishes are applicable for all types of stone. Please consult with an SPI stone expert to determine applicable finishes for the stone being considered.

For more information on the availability of different finishes or for a small sample, please contact us.


A flat or low-sheen finish that is smooth in texture. It is fairly porous and natural looking. Color will be visibly lighter than a polished finish.


A glossy surface highlights the brilliancy in the stone’s colors. The texture is very smooth and is not very porous.


A matte, semi-rough surface that is machine textured. The surface is very porous. Not all stones are suitable for a sanded finish; hard and soft spots can create unattractive patterns in limestone and marble.


A rough, textured finish that is achieved by exposing the stone to intense heat and immediate cooling. When heated and cooled, the crystals in the stone pop. The surface is very porous. Not all stones can be flamed due to their correct crystal structure.


An uneven but smooth “soft” surface created by “brushing” the surface. The hard areas remain while the softer areas are removed. This technique is most effective on marble and limestone with variations in hardness usually created by veining.


A rough, textured finish that is developed by pounding the stone. The surface is very porous. Not all stones are suitable for a bush hammered finish.


A textured surface achieved by applying high pressured water, deepening the background color of the stone, and enhancing the stone’s quartz radiance. (Available only on certain granite options)