StonePanels International LLC

Attachment System Testing & Miscellaneous

  1. Interlocking Channels (Narrow) installed over Rigid Insulation Board Load Testing. Reference Construction Consulting Laboratories Report No. CCLI-00-090
    StoneLite® panels were installed with Interlocking Channels over 2 inch thick 25 psi compression strength rigid insulation board. The Interlocking Channels were screw attached through the insulation board and through the sheathing to steel stud-framing backup. The panels were gravity loaded to determine whether there might be rotation of the screws and whether the insulation board could resist resultant compression forces. There was no screw rotation and no deformation of the insulation board after applying a gravity load of 61 lbs. per sq. ft. (18 times the StoneLite® weight).
  2. Composite Panel Tests and Tranverse Load Testing in Accordance with ASTM E72. Reference Terrapin Testing Report No. TT 509004-001 dated 13 April 2009.
    Full Scale testing of StoneLite® panels interlocking channel attachment system for positive and negative wind loading. Panels were subjected to lateral loads up to 201 psf positive loading and 190 psf negative loading. The stud frame back up consisted of vertical stud spacing at 24 inches on center.
  3. On August 15, 2012 Terrapin Testing conducted custom testing on two depths of aluminum channels used to attach our panels to a host structure.
    These two configurations are commonly known as “Wide” and “Narrow” channels. Each specimen was 3.5” section engaged with mating channel, which was fixed to a 6” steel stud as it would be seen in the field. A negative force was applied to the 3.5” specimen to determine the maximum load strength.
    • Narrow Channels: 695 lbs. per 3.5” specimen
    • Wide Channels: 595 lbs. per 3.5” specimen