StonePanels International LLC

Building Code Approval & Quality Control Testing

  1. The following U.S. Building Code Authorities have approved StoneLite® Panels for Exterior Use on unlimited height construction:
    • International Code Council Report ESR-1500. The ICC-ES was established from the prior four US code bodies (ICBO, NER, SBCCI & BOCA). Our prior ICBO report has been transferred to the ICC.
    • City of Los Angeles – Research Report RR-24922
    • City of New York – MEA 373-87-M
    • Miami-Dade County NOA 17-0626.06
    • Southern Building Code Congress (SBCCI) Report No. 8799 – Original approval later amalgamated with ICBO & ICC.
  2. Quality Control Related Testing & Inspection Reports. Various tests by independent Laboratories and by Stone Panels, Inc. ® in-house testing, plus copies of U.S., British, & French Audit reports, including:
    • ICC Audit Report conducted bi-anually.
    • CSTB (Avis Technique) Surveillance Audit conducted annually
    • BBA (British Board of Agreement) Surveillance Audit conducted bi-annually
    • Plascore, Inc. QC testing for Salt Spray resistance of the Honeycomb core.
    • Cytec Engineered Materials Certified Laboratories for Flatwise Tensile Testing of 1/500 of production panels for Q.C. purposes and the annual ICC tests.
    • Stone Panels  International Quality Assurance testing of Flatwise Tension, Attachment Plate Pullout and Potted Inserts conducted on two (2) samples per every 50 panels produced.
    • Independent Laboratory Testing conducted four (4) times a year on Flatwise Tension and Potted Insert samples.
    • Independent Laboratory Testing conducted eight (8) times a year on Honeycomb Core Assembly samples with and without Attachment Plates.

French Building Code Approval & CSTB Tests

  1. French Building Code Approval, Reference Avis Technique No 2/13-1568 Approval of Granite, Marble and standard Limestone. Extensive testing listed below undertaken and product approval was achieved in 1998 and renewals are current.
  2. The following tests carried out by the CSTB (Centre Scientifique et Technique du Batiment) to investigate StoneLite® panels for their suitability for the above code approval, both copies of the original test reports in French and the English translations are available upon request:
    • CL98-068 – Thermal Shock testing with cycles of high radiant temperature followed by cold-water spray.
    • CL98-072 – Combination of Fatigue cycles and sudden negative pressure up to the limits of the test apparatus.
    • CL98-074 – Accelerated Aging (Freeze -Thaw) followed by flatwise tensile testing. Virtually all resulted in cohesive failure in the stone itself.
    • CL98-075 – Hydrothermal (humidity cycling) followed by flatwise tensile testing. Virtually all resulted in cohesive failure in the stone itself or the test rig.
    • CL98-076 – Impact testing. Soft bag weights had no effect, a few chips occurred from steel balls being dropped. Note such forces would shatter dimensional stone.
    • CL98-096 – Thermal Cycling on large panels with attachments. Cycling also included simulated rain.